New Hampshire Nuclear powered Virginia class Submarine in Gibraltar

I came across a Virginia class Submarine Nuclear powered New Hampshire in Gibraltar in the middle of the night you have to watch the videos

Here is some of the information on Virginia class Submarines and a government video I found.

Video of the Virginia class
nuclear-powered attack submarine

The Virginia class nuclear-powered attack submarine was conceived as an advanced ‘stealthy’ type with multi-mission capability for the completion of deep-ocean service in the anti-submarine role and also for shallow-water service in a whole range of littoral tasks. A total of 30 of these submarines are planned. Currently five boats of Virginia class are commissioned and are in active service. These are USS Virginia, USS Texas, USS Hawaii, USS North Carolina and USS New Hampshire. The USS New Hampshire is a Block II submarine and has a number of improvements. The Virginia class submarines are built by the Electric Boat Division of the General Dynamics Corporation and Northrop Grumman Newport News. The building programme is in fact collaborative, with Electric Boat making the cylindrical central section of the hull, and Newport News the bow and stern sections as well as three modules to be inserted in the central hull, each of the companies makes the reactor plant module foe the submarine it completes.

  these are some good books i found on Submarines

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