Boatyard services and facilities

The yard


The park is built entirely of concrete. All keel boats and boats are parked retractable supported by solid wood blocks.

Boats are parked fixed keel custom beds made of steel, and supported by 4 straps fixed to the ground. View the photo.




Maximum Dimensions That Can Be Lifted Via the Lifting Bay

Tons: 40 tons

Beam: 4.95 meters

Draft: 2.3 meters More than this please contact boat yard for arrangement.

outside these dimensions should contact Bruce for more information.



The high-pressure washing is available to the shell. You will be asked if you want to wash.


Water and electricity


Water is available in the waterholes around the yard. Water is good and clean. Valves are push button with automatic stop to save water. If you need water to wash the boat, or for domestic use, must request permission from the shipyard personnel.

Electricity is available on request through its own cable connected to the nearest car table. Typically less than 20 meters. You will be provided a counter set at 0.0.





The block was built from scratch. It has a toilet and a shower for men, women and disabled people. The toilet is open 24 hours a day and there is always hot water.

Washing machine


There are two industrial washing machine in the sanitary block with a capacity of 7 kg. It is operated by coins to € 5 fare. You must use your own product. The washing cycle takes 40 minutes.

Faro Boat Yard Wash room laundry

At the entrance of the toilet, there is a bulletin board where you can ask or put the required information. There is also a library with books, can take the book that interests you and let anyone who has ever read, allowing others to use it.


In the courtyard is fully lit from sunset to sunrise, and covered by surveillance cameras with recording 24/24. The doors are closed during the work week from 18 hours to 08horas, holiday and weekend. An access card to the electronic portal is available on request and provided with a deposit of 30 euros. This will give you access to the site (on) during closed periods. If you have a vehicle you need to use during the closure period should park outside the site, while the doors are open during working hours. If you plan to arrive on site during the closed season, and has no access to the electronic door card, inform in advance the office via e-mail “” to send them to me you an access card.



he yard is now fully covered by Wi-Fi. For a small fee, you will have an access code.

boatyard wifi

Wifi Faro boatyard payment pages

• Free Trial (2 minutes)

• €3.00 per day

• €10.00 per week

• €25.00 per 30 days