Nave Pegos Boatyard

Welcome to Nave Pegos. The Algarve’s Premier Boatyard.

The boatyard was established 20 years ago on the ground of an old fish cannery factory that exported tinned fish to northern Europe back in the 19’s, this boatyard started from humble beginnings and grew to what it is today, providing local employment and revenue to businesses within the area from foreign boats arriving as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, America and Hundred’s from Europe.

The boatyard is 5 minute walk from the train station which gives a direct line to Lisbon and to the border with Spain Vila Real de Santo António. The bus station is also only 10 minutes walk, with local and international connections. The airport is a taxi ride away or you can catch the bus this also only takes 10 minutes. As the boatyard lies within the city of faro this makes it an ideal situation for you to work on your boat or just a great place to leave it while you visit your home this is one of the reasons we say it’s Algarve’s Premier Boatyard Facility!


This video shows you a couple of boats leaving the boat yard after the winter refit and also shows the boat travel hoist moving them to the dock and launching them.


This video is a couple of years old but shows you how to come to the boat yard from the anchorage in the ria formosa in Faro.


Bobby and Haiti were among some of the first foreigners to come to this yard.

Bobbys boat